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Diet and nutritional advice Rotherham


Expert advice when you need it.

Are you eating too much?

Are you eating too little?

Are you eating the wrong things for your lifestyle, age, body?

Are you ready to get lean and healthy?

Would you like an expert to help you answer all the above questions???

All our PT nutritional specialists are on hand to help you.


Nutritional expert advice from our in house PT

I understand how food works with your body and can provide ongoing effective diet plans that are tailored to suit all individuals.

My plan is structured and easy to follow.

I will provide you with a list of suggestions of the foods you need to be eating and calculate what calories should be consumed to lose/gain weight.
When I do a consultation, I sit with individuals and discuss how food works with your body.

If you choose to have a consultation, I will also carry out an assessment. This will involve being measured and bodyfat percentage being taken and I will track your progress.
I have had successful weight losses so stick to it and you'll see fantastic weight loss results. I will support and encourage you and help you to reach your goals.

For more information contact Tash:

07975 764632


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